A Stationary bike

A Gaming console

The faster you pedal, the faster you move in the games.

You steer and shoot with dedicated controllers on the handle bar.

Genuine Gaming

Our games don't suck. They're not built to make a boring exercise slightly more fun. The games are built on the same principles as other 2020 video game titles - adapted to bike. Awesome and addictive.

Kids first stop playing because they're told to, or exhausted.

Comparing heart rate graphs of regular High Intensity Interval Training with a group playing PedalTanks

Time Calories fly by when you're having fun

Playpulse is based on co-founder Kristoffer's PhD. Scientifically proven: fun gameplay and effective workout.

The results speak for themselves

Validated across the globe

The Playpulse bike has been validated across the globe - from schools, youth clubs and hospitals, to fitness studios and activity parks.

Now we're bringing it home - our new bike has a great look and an even greater personality.

You're Not Going to Want to Miss Out on This!

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